Help yourself or your household pay less for auto insurance.

There is an app from Nationwide Insurance called “Smartride” on the App Store or Google Play store that can be downloaded immediately after an auto policy is issued. Register the app and participate right away by gathering trip data. After registering, additional drivers on the policy can be invited to participate. Initial trips will be presented to the subscriber so that they can be validated as either a driver’s trip or passenger’s trip.

An immediate 10% discount is applied for participating and further discounts up to 40% are available after approx. four months of data is collected. A personalized website is provided so you can track your potential savings. The most common results are between 15 – 25%. The discount is averaged between the participating drivers with sufficient data collected and is applied to every vehicle at renewal.

You have always thought that you were a better driver than your friend or neighbor, now you can prove it! Get your quotes now!

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